BIKINBODYMOMMY™ Challenge 8.0 Workbook (Standard Color) - Hard Copy

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This HARDCOVER (Standard Color) printed workbook will allow you to track all your workout exercises, your nutrition, your progress measurements and your mindset throughout the 13 weeks of your transformation journey!  

BONUS: Also include with the purchase of the HARDCOVER workbook is the DIGITAL version of the workbook – The DIGITAL Workbook will be available when the 90 Day Challenge 8.0 dashboard goes live (72 hours prior to contest start)!

CONTEST SHIPPING:  (Important) Due to the nature of Print-On-Demand shipping, your workbook may not arrive for the start of the challenge.  Weekly booklets will be available on the BBMC 8.0 Workbook dashboard when it goes live.  It is suggested you document your measurements and scores with those printable digital downloads until you receive your hardcopy workbook!

print-on-demand shipping

Please Note: This version of the workbook is printed with a lighter, less dense color ink than the Premium Color workbook.  
Books take 5-7 business days for printing BEFORE being shipped to you. Print-on-Demand products are customer specific orders, and they are individually created starting at the time of purchase and are only available for refund if the product is not printed to specification, and proof is submitted to  Refunds will not be distributed due to lack of awareness of print/shipping timelines. See below for shipping durations.