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The ACCELERATED BIKINIBODYMOMMY™ COOKBOOK includes 170 delicious recipes all under 12 grams of carbs for every meal of the day!

Breakfast • Snacks • Lunches • Main Dishes • Sides
as well as Sweet indulgences like Smoothies and Desserts!

A year ago I began to experiment  with a new dairy-free ketogenic lifestyle after giving birth to my fourth child. While breastfeeding her, I became frustrated with the fact that my body seemed to gain and lose the same twenty pounds over and over despite following the nutrition philosophy that had previously helped me lose one hundred pounds.

I began creating and modifying my own dairy-free twists to high-fat, high-protein ingredients, and all of the sudden through meals that all remained under 12 grams of net carbs per serving, my body responded and I lost fifty pounds. 

Now, I'm sharing with you all of those ACCELERATED recipes that helped me along my transformation journey!  Enjoy this compilation of 170 delicious, tried-and-true,  ACCELERATED recipes that have been created with the sole intent of helping you look better, feel better, and finally achieve your goals!

*The Accelerated Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook is immediately delivered via digital download, so you don't have to wait!  Attached as a final page to the file is a "Permission to Print" page to allow you to have a store or printer print your cookbook.



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