7 Day Surge

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The BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ 7 DAY SURGE is an online workout and nutrition program, designed to provide the quick-fix solution to help blast through plateaus and get you AMAZING RESULTS in just 7 DAYS!

Without having to spend countless hours in the gym, the 7 DAY SURGE is a 20-minute home-based progam that was designed as an EXTREME 7 DAY SOLUTION to help blast through plateaus, and achieve dramatic results in situations where you need to look and feel your best-- in little to no time.

Do you have an upcoming special event, social function, or family vacation that has you wanting to hide under a rock instead of proudly and confidently engaging in LIFE and owning the skin you are in? Perhaps you've been working out consistently for weeks (or even months) and lately you've been "STUCK" with little to NO RESULTS (a.k.a the dreaded "plateau")?!

Regardless of the reason's why you are considering the 7 DAY SURGE I want you to know that I am thrilled that you are here, and if you are ready to give the next 7 DAYS your all I want you to know -- THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!




• INTRO VIDEO -- Learn the basics of the program and what to expect.

• MEAL PLAN INTRO VIDEO -- Learn the in's and outs of the SURGE meal plan, and how-to "BATCH COOK" like a boss.

• 7 NEW and INTENSE WORKOUT VIDEOS -- Follow a NEW Workout every day! Each one is strategically designed to maximize results in minimum time. (Program includes 3 Strength-based workouts • 3 Cardio-based workouts • 1 Recovery workout)

• 7 DAY Comprehensive Meal Plan guide and Shopping list PDF

• Overview Program Guide PDF

• Workbook and Progress Tracker PDF


• Swap-A-Meal Guide -- easily swap out SURGE compliant recipes to your liking) PDF

• Motivational Daily Vlogs from BBM's on the Surge --bonus inspiration to keep you on track! VIDEO